Message from The President: Q1 2022

Pressing News,
All Politics is Local

A few days before Christmas, Johnny Isakson passed away just nine days short of his 77th birthday. Our former U.S. Senator was a strong advocate for Georgia and Georgians, and PIAG was saddened to hear about his passing. Earlier in my career, I had the good fortune of working with the Senator’s office on behalf of the state’s agricultural and food manufacturing industry. I always admired Mr. Isakson’s style and approach, as well as his motto, “There are two types of people in the world: friends and future friends.”

Meanwhile, the Georgia General Assembly, where Mr. Isakson served for 20 years, cranked up its 2022 session on January 10. Social issues are expected to dominate local headlines. Regardless of your political leanings, get ready to hear plenty about hot-button issues like state voting rights, healthcare expansion, right to carry firearms, abortion, legalized gambling, and critical race theory. Plus, we’re in a mid-term election cycle that will see the Governor’s mansion up for grabs, along with one U.S. Senate seat, 14 Congressional seats, and so many local races it will be tough to keep up.

This should be a boost to the PIAG community as campaigns turn to Georgia printers to communicate with voters. To be sure, a lot of folks will get turned off by so much political noise. But if all politics is local, this is the year Georgians really need to tune in.

PIAG is staying tuned in too. As the only organization dedicated to Georgia’s print and graphic communications industry, keeping an eye on what’s happening under the Gold Dome over the next few months, and keeping you informed, will be a priority.

I hope your new year if off to a strong start. As always, please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to talk.


Jon Krueger
PIAG President & CEO