Print Access

PrintAccess, the printing industry’s “who does what” search engine, has been completely rebuilt and is now open for business! And because you are a PIAG member, your firm has a complimentary listing on the site at

The new PrintAccess has a powerful search engine, a product orientation, and Google-friendly pages all designed to dramatically increase traffic. While the old PrintAccess successfully reached 2 million page-views per year, the redesign has already started to outstrip that number. Who wins with greater traffic numbers? You do. As a listed company, buyers will find you through a dramatically increased number of product and service categories. PrintAccess now has 520 categories, up from 230, including 100 new commonly-searched product groups.

If you need your PrintAccess password or want more information, please contact PIAG. PIAG is pleased to provide this valuable service to our members. Let us know how it’s working for you!

What is PrintAccess?

PrintAccess is an electronic buyer’s guide for the printing and graphic communications industry. PrintAccess is run by a print affiliate partner, Visual Media Alliance.

Learn more by visiting

What are the benefits of using PrintAccess?

PrintAccess takes the guesswork out of finding graphic arts products and services and is a completely free service. Users are not required to provide login information or special signup. When using PrintAccess, you will get detailed information on company specialties and equipment with just a few clicks. Having this information readily available will save you time and frustration of countless phone calls, Internet searches, and emails you would have otherwise made.

In addition to being a benefit for those looking for graphic arts products and services, PrintAccess has its benefits for PIAG members. Member listings have the potential to bring new business and keep repeat customers coming back. This is also a great source for free advertising for members.

How do I use PrintAccess?

Visit the PrintAccess webpage at Begin your search by selecting an affiliate region on the map—then narrow your search. Choose to search by keyword, company, or product in a number of metropolitan areas within each region.

You can define your product search further based on the following product type:

  • Binding and finishing
  • Delivery and fulfillment
  • Design and marketing
  • Electronic media/Internet
  • Industry resources
  • Industry suppliers
  • Prepress
  • Printing
  • Specialty products

Once the search is performed, select a company from the list of results, and a variety of information is immediately available to you.