PIAG Educational Foundation

Inspiring the next generation.

The PIAG Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created by PIAG in 1985 to ensure a bright future for the graphic communications community through a focus on education at the high school & collegiate levels. Our mission is to advance the industry through three core educational strategies.

What is the Educational Foundation?

The PIAG Educational Foundation is a charitable organization that exists to promote print as a smart solution by educating marketers and media buyers of the value of print in the media mix. The Foundation aims to attract and develop the next generation workforce by ensuring a pipeline of talented workers for the industry by working closely with the Georgia Department of Education and Print[ED] accredited schools.

Our Three Purposes:

To sponsor, promote, or conduct educational programs for persons involved in or intend to be involved in the graphic communications industry.


To sponsor or promote educational programs conducted by related organizations or institutions for the benefit of individuals within or of the graphic communications industry.


To sponsor individuals in their quest to attain education or training for the purposes of entering or advancing in the graphic communications industry.