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You can now post your equipment listing here for companies who are seeking to buy
used printers, folders, finishing equipment, prepress equipment, and more.

Listings will remain active for three months unless you contact PIAG to have your listing removed early.

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ECRM Mako 4 Violet Computer to Plate 2004, reconditioned 2011 Up to 2540 dpi Max plate size 24 x 29 With plate transport to allow auto move of...

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AGFA Annapurna M3200i RTR Manufacture Date: 2014.08 Serial Number: 3032596029101 Color Config: 4 Color + 2 White Well Maintained/Excellent...

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AGFA Annapurna M2500i Flatbed Manufacture Date: 2015.04 Serial Number: 3325795068801 Color Config: 6 Color + 1 White Well Maintained/Excellent...

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64" Fotoba XLD 170 Roll Fed X/Y Trimming System 64" Mimaki UV UCJV300-160 Inkjet Printer w/Cutting Capabilities Graphic Whizard CreaseMaster...

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