PIAG Introduces Print Leadership Roundtable

Posted By: Jason Cline (deleted)

The PIAG Print Leadership Roundtable has been created to allow Georgia business leaders to meet and discuss topics that are relevant and of great importance to their businesses and the graphics industry. Because of the current conditions, these roundtables will take place virtually using Zoom and will be free to attend, but our hope is that this evolves into a face-to-face experience with invited speakers and lunch once circumstances allow.

The format of these one-hour sessions will be:

  • First 30 minutes
    • One or two predetermined topics
    • Topic expert facilitators will initiate and guide discussions
  • Final 30 minutes
    • Q&A
    • Visiting/re-visiting a topic that came up during previous discussions

The intent of this program is to provide a positive platform to share and contribute to a greater good. It is to be a level and open-minded discussion without sales pitches or expressed opinions on politics, religion, fellow members, or staff. We are all in this together, and everyone should leave with information that is helpful to them in their own businesses.

The first session will take place in July with regular sessions occurring thereafter. Participants in each session will be asked to submit topic and facilitator ideas for future sessions. While we hold these events virtually at first, it is strongly recommended that each participant have and utilize a webcam to provide a more intimate experience that provides true connections between attendees.

Initial sessions will be limited to 12-15 participants, and multiple sessions will be held if demand exceeds this level. If you are interested, please submit an interest form online. We look forward to creating an engaging program that provides valuable takeaways to improve your business and strengthens the industry.

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