Online Graphic Communication Curriculum Courses for Employees

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In collaboration with Americas Printing Association Network (APAN) and Chadwick Consulting, PIAG wants to alert members about adult learning continuing education opportunities. Below are details from three universities that offer online courses in graphic communications available to non-degree seeking students (i.e. company employees). Additional details on the below mentioned courses, as well as universities with in-person options, are available for download here.

One of PIAG's strategic plan key objectives is developing viable employees for the future. We hope these resources prove beneficial to you.

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University of Houston

The University of Houston offers a Transmedia Marketing Certification Program. Transmedia Marketing is the practice of motivating people to action by producing and distributing an integrated and consistent brand experience across at least three media channels to accomplish a unified goal.

Complete 4 courses to earn the certificate:

  • Content Strategy
  • Data Mining
  • Video Production
  • Transmedia Marketing

Spring Program Begins: January 23, 2023

Program Length: 12 weeks per course

Program Cost: $650 per course or $3,000 for completed program

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Arizona State University

ASU offers three different graphic information technology (GIT) online degree programs. If a course requires a prerequisite, you must have special permission from the instructor to enroll.

  • Graduate Program
    • Graphic Information Technology (MS)
  • Undergraduate Program
    • Graphic Information Technology (BS)
    • Graphic Information Technology (BAS)

Next Program Begins:

  • March 13 (undergraduate)
  • August 17 (graduate)

Program Length:

  • 7.5 weeks per class (undergraduate) or
  • 7.5 - 10 weeks per class (graduate)

Program Cost: Standard tuition and fees, which are dependent on the course. There is a $70 application fee with ASU.

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Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg State University offers three online courses. If a course requires a prerequisite, you must have special permission from the instructor to enroll.

  • Vector Based Graphics
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Graphics Administration (spring only)

The above courses are asynchronous online classes that are only 8 weeks long, which means they move more quickly and require daily participation of at least one hour, five days a week and some weekends.

Summer/Fall Program Begins: TBA

Program Length: 8 weeks

Program Cost: Varies depending on course(s) taken. There is a $65 application fee with Pittsburg State University. 

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PIAG makes no endorsement of course content or instructors. This material is for informational purposes only.