New PIBT Freedom Cards

Insurance Insights,

For PIAG members enrolled in the Freedom PPO medical insurance plan, we want to let you know that updated ID cards were recently mailed out. Changes to the card include:

Front of ID card:

Update: PHCS’s logo, web site and phone number font size was enlarged for better visibility.

New: KIS Imaging is the service entity you reach out to whenever your doctor orders an MRI, CT & PET scan. View KIS Imaging flyer for details.

Update: Member Services, towards the bottom right hand corner now shows hours of operations and font was enlarged for better visibility. 

Back of ID card:

New: Teledoc was replaced with UCM for all of your virtual care needs. You will find this information on the bottom right hand corner of your updated ID card with phone number and web site information. View UCM flyer for details.

Your group and ID numbers have not changed.

View sample ID Card