PIAG Leadership Programs

PIAG is excited to announce the creation of two new leadership programs: The Print Leadership Roundtable and the Paradoxical Leadership Development Program.

PIAG Print Leadership Roundtable

The Print Leadership Roundtable will provide Georgia business leaders a forum to meet and discuss topics that are relevant and of great importance to their businesses and the graphics industry. These sessions will initially take place virtually and be free to attend, but it is the hope that they evolve into lively face-to-face meetings with invited speakers and lunch. The first session will be held in July with regularly occurring sessions thereafter.


PIAG & Lynn Consulting - Paradoxical Leadership Program

The Paradoxical Leadership Development Program has been developed by Wayne Lynn of Lynn Consulting. Each participant, once enrolled, will take a 25-minute online personality assessment to create the database from which all their behavioral information is derived. Once the assessment has been taken, participants will then join a half day class to understand how the 12 paradoxes of human behavior work together on a personal and professional level.