PIAG & Lynn Consulting to Host Paradoxical Leadership Development Program

Posted By: Ian Webb Pressing News ,

The Paradoxical Leadership Development Program has been developed by Wayne Lynn of Lynn Consulting based on the principles discovered by Harrison Assessments International, which focuses on 12 pairs of human behavioral traits that, when first looked at, seem to be opposing and contradictory. Each participant, once enrolled, will take a 25-minute online personality assessment to create the database from which all their behavioral information is derived. Once the assessment has been taken, participants will then join Wayne Lynn in a half day class (virtually or in person) to understand how the 12 paradoxes work together on a personal and professional level, and how these can be taken and applied towards working as a team.

Participants can expect to take away:

  • A new level of self-awareness and how the brain works in a professional setting based on the paradoxes.
  • An understanding of how the 12 paradoxes work together in different ways to help build and maintain productive relationships, make effective decisions, and work well in a team/group.
  • An understanding of how teams have behavioral tendencies in the collective sense and how to identify the team’s strengths and how to apply these strengths to the benefit of the collective.
  • The knowledge of how to take the self-improvement journey to strengthen weaker traits and unbalanced paradoxes and build upon strengths and what you currently bring to a team.

As interactive give & take during the class is important to have maximum impact of the program, each class will be limited to 15 participants and can take place in-person or virtually. Cost per member participant is $415 ($499 for nonmembers) and includes your Harrison Assessment data.

If you are interested, please submit an interest form online. We look forward to creating an engaging program that provides valuable takeaways to improve your personal & professional leadership skills.

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