Feedback Requested: Graphics Pathways End of Pathway Meeting

Pressing News,

The Georgia Department of Education is requesting feedback to verify and refine the list of available End of Program Assessments (EOPAs) and Technical Credit Certificates (TCCs) that are available to high school CTAE students. Over 43,000 students complete End of Pathway Assessments annually, and many of those who pass these assessments earn related industry-recognized credentials.

Feedback Session Details
Friday, November 4
12:00 - 1:30 PM EST
Virtual Zoom Session

During these Feedback Sessions, you will be requested to provide input to:

  • Review labor market projections for the career cluster area that is related to your industry, verifying and expanding upon current and future workforce needs within your region.
  • Review the list of End of Pathway Assessments (EOPAs) and Technical Credit Certificates (TCCs) related to your career cluster area highlighting connections between in-demand occupations and industry valued credentials that are available to high school students.
  • Analyze the current credentials that are available to high school students (EOPAs and TCCs) identifying which credentials would benefit students as they seek to gain employment and/or transition into postsecondary programs.  
  • Identify new or upcoming certifications that would provide an advantage to students entering postsecondary programs or those seeking employment. 

This work is intended to support the GA CTAE Innovation Roadmap’s focus on industry-recognized credentials by engaging a variety of shareholders in the review of CTAE credentials to ensure that they align with the needs of employers and prepare students for workplace success. While they will be working to address all Career Cluster Areas during this first semester of the school year, the GADOE will specifically be working on the Pathways associated with the Career Cluster Areas listed below this month:

  • Information Technology
  • Arts, AV/Technology and Communications
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Management

To preview the available Technical Certificates of Credit, please review the approved program of study career pathway documents.

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